Harn Olgedd


Set along the north-eastern cliffs that edge the sea, Bryneich is rugged country, the rolling hills and cliffs are cut through by meandering rivers fighting their way to the sea. Its people have long been known as proud and militantly free, refusing the yoke of any king in favor of a loose confederation of tribal warlords.


Central of the three major kingdoms that make up the Harn Olgedd, Rhaeged occupies several lush river valleys. Known as some of the finest pasture-land in the north, Rhaeged has been brutally contested for centuries. Legend tells that the kings of Rhaeged once held sway over most of the island before the Empire forced them north into the hills, broke the tribes in battle and desolated their lands, turning them to ash for three full generations.


Southernmost of what is considered the Harn Olgedd, Deifra begins in the Upper Fenlands until reaching the more rugged country of Bryneich. Over the past several generations, Deifric kings have been increasing their dominion westwards towards the sea, making tributaries of smaller tribes and kingships.


Harn Olgedd

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