Severe Wounds

...And he seated his dagger deeply about his eye.

…So they went to battle again, and wounded each other dolefully, and then they breathed ofttimes, and so went unto battle, that all the place there as they fought was blood red. And at that time there was none of them both but they had either smitten other seven great wounds, so that the least of them might have been the death of the mightiest giant in this world.
~ The Tale of the Brothers Syr Balan & Balin

Severe Wounds

Fighting in Ironsong is a short, brutal affair. Over the course of a battle, you take damage from attacks. Hit points (hp) are a measurement of your character’s skill at turning deadly blows into minor ones, sheer luck and the resolve it takes to stay on your feet after taking a beating. Some attacks, through brute force, skill or luck, can cause Severe Wounds. Whenever a player takes damage that equals or exceeds their Wound Threshold, or receives a critical hit, they must draw a Severe Wound card from the Severe Wounds deck. These cards contain a menagerie of mishaps, minor to crippling, that might occur in any swirling melee as well as the accompanying consequences. All wound cards have a Severity Rating listed on them representing how dangerous or telling a blow the character has received. Wound cards are kept until the wounds themselves are healed, at which point they are shuffled back into the deck. If a player ever has wounds with a total accumulated severity that exceeds their Constitution score, they immediately collapse and are Dying. A character’s base wound threshold is equal to their Bloodied value, plus or minus any applicable modifiers.

Multiple Wounds

Certain circumstances can result in multiple wounds being delivered from the same attack. Instead of drawing multiple cards and applying them all, the attacker draws multiple cards and chooses which wound to deliver to their opponent. Some weapons or attacks are particularly savage, and may allow an attacker to draw bonus cards. Again, the attacker chooses which wound to apply to their target.

Healing Severe Wounds

Recovering from severe wounds takes significantly longer than simply recovering lost hitpoints and may only be healed during an Extended Rest. Healing a severe wound require a successful heal check with a Difficulty Class equal to 10 + the Severity rating of the wound to be healed. If the check is successful, the wound is healed and the attendant card may be returned to the wounds deck. On a failure, the wound remains. Some wounds are more difficult to heal than others, and may inflict penalties or more severe consequences for failed heal checks.

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Severe Wounds

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